Monday, July 14, 2014


Blogging has been pretty hit and miss these last several months.
I don't know why, really.  Or maybe I do--I just can't really put it into words.

The weather has been a little cray-cray here lately, jumping from beastly hot to downright chilly.  On Friday night the younger kids and I sought temperature asylum at my parents' house.  (They have air conditioning.)  My parents were out of town for my dad's class reunion; it was a little like having a party when your parents are gone....all the guests (except me) were underage but we kept it really mild.  As in, we got there about 9 pm, I swished them through the tub, put the little girls all to bed, let Bipper and Elijah watch half of a movie while I cooled off in the tub with a book to read, and then put them to bed by 10:30.
Our 2nd washing machine quit working which makes it so easy to fall VERY behind on the laundry so I brought along several loads to wash while we were there.  I stayed up until about 1:00 am doing laundry, slept until my bladder woke me at 3, switched another load and couldn't go back to sleep until 4.  My dad's alarm clock went off at 5; I frantically tried to shut it off before it woke any little people.  Elizabeth had a bad dream at 5:30 so I laid down next to her and then Abram woke up at 7.
So while I wouldn't exactly call my evening away from home "restful", it was certainly MUCH cooler and I got a lot of laundry washed, dried, AND folded.
Our house just has NO circulation and heats up so much on hot, humid days that don't cool off at night that about once or twice per summer I end up taking kids over to my parents.  It's feels like it's either that or end up in the news:  "Minnesota Mom Completely LOSES IT in Furnace-Like Living Conditions".
We never are able to take a vacation or time away so maybe this sorta counts.

Today was actually pretty chilly, which was actually pretty helpful as this week begins our County Fair.  Linnea spent all day washing and clipping her own animals and also those that her younger siblings will be showing.  It's much more tolerable on a cool day than a beastly hot one!

I'm bummed that my camera stopped working a couple weeks ago.  It's a dslr that Dennis let me get about 4 years ago after a particularly good bean crop after having gone for a year with no camera.  The auto-focus quit working and I canNOT figure out why, nor how to fix it.  Very sad me.

New Baby is growing and is now causing some discomfort from time to time.  I feel pretty good to have made it to 29 weeks with my 11th child without much discomfort at all!  I generally feel good, I just need to put my feet up for about 15 mins a few times a day.  Yesterday, I had some pretty bad hip pain that made my work very difficult to accomplish but today is better.

Abram has taken a step now and then, but other than that he has no real interest in walking.  He will definitely be the latest to walk of all the children so far, but today I caught a glimpse of why that might be.  They were outside playing on the cement in front of the garage.  Ivy was driving her toy car (after she and Elizabeth settled their very loud dispute from when Elizabeth took the [toy] key and ran off with it, leaving the [toy] car inoperable) and Abram was standing alongside it.  As Ivy "drove" away, Abram stayed standing on the cement.  The kids were all "LOOK!!  Abram is standing!  He's not holding on to anything!!!  LOOK!!!"  (I was looking, for the record.)
At this point, Elizabeth ran over, cooing "Ooooooh, Abwam!" and tried to "help" him stand, so of course he immediately

sat down.

Delayed walking may be a bit of a defense mechanism for 14 month old boys with 2 1/2 year old sisters.

And that's about all I can string together for a post tonight.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

I Can't Think of a Title for This Post

Today we celebrated Nathaniel's graduation with an open house lunch at our church.  It went really well.  See?  Worrying and stressing works!  Just kidding.  I worried too much about how I would pull it off but my mom and my sister helped me in BIG ways and I'm forever grateful.
I will post pictures soon.

Only one guest took a pot-shot to my face about this, my eleventh pregnancy.  An elderly aunt pointed to my stomach and said loudly, "You just don't know the word STOP, do you?!"
Caught off guard, I smiled and stammered something like "I really like having children, thanks."
My uncle said I should have said, "Neither do you!" (know when to stop)

Elijah spent last week with his bestest pal, Gideon, in the big city about 3 hours away.  A week was a very long time, but with texts and calls, it was fun to check-in with him and the time was made bearable.  Having one child "missing" was so weird!

The week before that, Andrew and Christopher were both at Bible camp.  Our family received a gift that provided for the older kids to all go to camp.  Inspiration Point is an aMAZing place.  They both had a super time.  Christopher told me that there was a lot of tooting that happened in their cabin.  He learned other things, too, though.  One day, I wanna go there myself.

Elizabeth started some bangs for herself last week.  So now she has bangs.  I wasn't really planning on bangs, but they actually look really cute.

I found a dead frog in Christopher's barn pants pocket the other day so that was fun.  Or not.  Either way, it happened.

Dennis and Isaiah are gone until tomorrow sometime; they drove back with my brother after the open house because Isaiah and Aaron worked out a deal for Isaiah to buy Aaron's old car.  Aaron lives 5 hours away so it's a trip that takes a little planning for a dairy farmer.

Baby is growing nicely; I am 26 weeks now.  I have my coffee shelf back and have knock things over with my belly.  Elizabeth talks often about the baby in Mommy's "hummy" and thinks we'll be naming this baby Abram, too.  (We're not.)

We were given three tickets to the circus this past week so Nathaniel took Ruby and Christopher.  They had a great time.  Ruby's favorite were the acrobats and Christopher's was the trick bike rider.

So that's a bit of catch-up from here.  I was soaking my oh-so-tired-and-achy feet in epsom salts but now the water is cold and I'm going to go to bed.  Since Dennis is gone, I feel like I really should stay up and take advantage of the opportunity to hold the remote or pick whatever I want on netflix--y'know, live on the wild side a bit.  Maybe I will.  Elizabeth took a looooooooong nap after the party; I don't think sleep is in her near future, so it's not likely in mine either. figure out the remote.....

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Once There Was a Baby

Once there was a baby whose mommy gave him his first haircut and when she was done, there sat a toddler where her baby boy had once been.

Friday, May 16, 2014

An Addition

Our family is planning an addition to our home.
We will be adding two precious feet in late September.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter at Grandma & Grandpa's House--With LOTS of Pictures

 Daddy and Ruby

 Grandpa hid eggs for the grandkids to find.

 Ivy Joy with her collection.

 My dad's 63 birthday fell on Easter Sunday so we had
more than one reason to celebrate.

It was a beautiful day and Abram loved being
free to roam on the grass and sidewalk.

After a delicious dinner,
Grandpa and Linnea got the horses out.
 Elizabeth loves the "ee-hees" (horsies).
All of the children have no fear being atop the horses, whether they be 
big or little.

Ruby on Dusty
Even Daddy was able to help with the handling & riding today.

Christopher helped to keep tabs on Elizabeth.
She wants to "go see" everything and doesn't always 
take heed for her personal safety.
Christopher willingly served as her guardian.

 Uncle Mike and Uncle Aaron
helped little girls with little ponies.

Christopher is quite the young horseman.
Here he is helping Ruby with a boost on to Holly, his pony.

Abram's and Grandpa's birthdays are a week apart so they blew candles out together.
Grandpa kept Abram's inquisitive hands out of the flame. :)

Elizabeth and Auntie Bethany 

Abram got to open gifts from aunts & uncles and Grandma & Grandpa.

 There was a rubber ball at the bottom of this tall gift bag
that he was determined to get to by himself.

Oh, how we laughed to watch him nearly climb inside!


He also got a drum and knew just what to do!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Funny Things Kids Say

As I sat nursing Abram earlier this evening, 
he was nodding off to sleep and had his hand on his forehead, sort of covering his eyes. 
Ivy was next to me and said, 
"Look--I bet he's doing that so he doesn't see your armpit."
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